About Us

The Assistive Technology Guide evolved from a personal project by Nigel Wilson who compiled the information from various sources. It was initially intended for personal use within his role as a Clinical Technologist specialising in assistive technology but he then realised the potential value to others and so published it as a Web guide.

The guide has been written in a style to be brief in content but with sufficient information to enable a person to be signposted to resources and services most relevant to them.


The Rationale for the Website

From initial information searches, it became apparent that there was a need for an independent and simple (non-academic) overview of assistive technology that can guide people with little or no prior knowledge to find information on the Web quickly and easily. Although there is a vast amount of AT resources and services published on the Web, finding the most relevant and appropriate can be a challenge and time consuming, understanding the wide scope of assistive technology and terminology used should simplify the task.

George Nigel Wilson MSc, IEng, MIPEM, MIET