About the Assistive Technology Guide

The Assistive Technology Guide is aimed at people will little or no prior knowledge of AT. It gives an overview of AT, written in a style that is brief in content but with sufficient information to enable a person to be guided/signposted to resources and services most relevant to them that can be found on the Web. In addition to being a guide the website also acts as a library of AT related websites relevant to the UK.

As well as highlighting the broad spectrum of assistive technology, the information contained in the guide should also help answer the following questions:

  • What is assistive technology?
  • What are the main categories and specialist areas of assistive technology?
  • Who uses and benefits from assistive technology?
  • Who works in assistive technology and what do they do?
  • What further information about assistive technology is available on the Web?
  • Where can I find relevant disability and assistive technology services?

Guide Contents

Definitions and Categories of AT

Disability and Assistive Technology

Therapists and Assistive Technology Professionals

Professional Services

Public Sector Services

Charity Sector Services

Private Sector Services

Assistive Technology Products and Suppliers

Additional Resources