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Magazines and Journals

Listed below are links to the main disability and assistive technology magazines.

Ability Needs
Ability Needs one of the country's most informative, best distributed disability magazine for the less able and their carers. It is made available within special needs groups, nursing homes, and NHS Trusts throughout the UK.


Able Magazine
The UK's flagship disability lifestyle magazine. Your source for disability news.


Access Magazine
Access magazine is the leading product guide for the disability health care sector. Each month they aim to offer lifestyle guides, practical care advice, help with needs assessment, and therapeutic ideas for improved quality of life from a range occupational health experts, leading charity advisor's, and government agencies.


Assistive Technologies Magazine
Assistive Technologies has become established as a reference for healthcare professionals, experts and association businesses who have interests in assistive technologies and mobility improvement.


AT Today
AT Today publishes news and the latest developments in the world of Assistive Technology.


Enable Magazine
Enable is a UK-wide disability lifestyle magazine, delivering the latest news, biggest interviews, most interesting features and much more every other month.


PosAbility Magazine
PosAbility is a fresh and innovative disability lifestyle magazine. The main focus is on the opportunities available to disabled people, whether that be in sports, careers, education, relationships, holidays or activities and experiences that are accessible to all.


Academic Websites, Articles and Reports

COGAIN – Communication by Gaze Interaction
COGAIN is a network of excellence on Communication by Gaze Interaction. COGAIN integrates cutting-edge expertise on eye tracking and interface technologies for the benefit of users with disabilities.


OATS – Open Source Assistive Technology Software
OATSoft is dedicated to improving Assistive Technology and computer accessibility through the power of Open Source development techniques. OATSoft makes the best Open Source Assistive Technology Software (OATS) easy to find. Users and developers meet at OATSoft to create better software.


CATCH – Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare
CATCH researches, develops, evaluates and implements new technologies to enable people to live independently. Through their research, they want to empower people to have choice and to be able to self-manage their conditions through the use of technology. CATCH brings together and coordinates the activities of over 40 academics, across 12 departments and five faculties at the University of Sheffield, including healthcare scientists, engineers, psychologists, computer scientists, architects, and social scientists.


WHO – World Health Organization
In many low-income and middle-income countries, only 5%-15% of people who require assistive devices and technologies have access to them. Assistive devices and technologies such as wheelchairs, prostheses, mobility aides, hearing aids, visual aids, and specialized computer software and hardware increase mobility, hearing, vision and communication capacities. With the aid of these technologies, people with a loss in functioning are better able to live independently and participate in their societies.


Annual Conferences

Communication Matters – National AAC Conference
The Communication Matters National AAC Conference is the UK's leading annual AAC event, with a diverse programme of plenaries, presentations, posters and exhibition held over two and a half days. Full information including abstracts of all the papers are available via the CM website.


Naidex National, the UK’s largest independent living and mobility show with over 10,000 visitors and more than 250 exhibitors. Naidex is the only national exhibition for independent living that brings together consumers, health and social care professionals plus specialist manufacturers, retailers and public sector purchasers. The event offers the latest thinking, strategies and solutions to support the ageing population and those affected by, or living with, disabilities.


T4I – Technology for Independence Conference 2017
The T4I conference focuses on discussions, issues and advances in all areas of Assistive Technology, this used to be RAatE (Recent Advances in Assistive Technology and Engineering), the last RAatE conference was in 2014. The T4I conference this year is hosted by CATCH, the University of Sheffield.

Assistive Technology around the World

AAATE – Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe
The AAATE is the interdisciplinary pan-European association devoted to all aspects of assistive technology, such as use, research, development, manufacture, supply, provision and policy. Over 250 members from all over Europe and throughout the world currently take part in the AAATE.


ARATA – Australian Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology Association
ARATA is a national association whose purpose is to serve as a forum for information sharing and liaison between people who are involved with the use, prescription, customisation, supply and ongoing support of assistive technology. Their focus is the advancement of rehabilitation and assistive technology in Australia, through activities including conferences, special interest groups, website, membership directory and a newsletter.


ATANZ – Assistive Technology Alliance New Zealand
The Alliance aims to promote Assistive Technology by ensuring quality assistive technology service provision through the establishment and monitoring of best practice assistive technology standards.


ISAAC – the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication – is a membership organization working to improve the lives of children and adults with complex communication needs.

ISAAC’s goal is to create worldwide awareness about how AAC can help individuals without speech. ISAAC accomplishes this by sharing information and promoting innovative approaches to research, technology and literacy through AAC. Activities include hosting the ISAAC biennial conference, sponsoring projects, and offering awards and scholarships.


RESNA – Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America
RESNA is the premier professional membership organization dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of people with disabilities through increasing access to technology solutions.