Professional Services

Depending upon level of need and eligibility there may be entitlement to statutory provision of services, assessments, free equipment provision and/or grants. Charities also offer free help and advice, and possibly equipment or grants.

Who to approach will depend upon area of need, usually falling into three areas; Education, Health, and Care. These may also be divided into child services and adult services.

The UK Government has two useful portals (Web guides) to help the public to find information, advice, and services relevant to disability provision from the NHS and local authorities, such as information about social care services and steps for requesting a needs assessment.

GOV.UK – Government services and information e.g. disability rights, benefits, equipment and services.

NHS Choices – Guide to care and support and finding local services.


The Professional Services section has been divided into three separate sectors. Each sector lists some of the main websites with a short description about the services and information offered by each organisation: