Private Sector Services

Private Sector and Independent Specialist Services

Many of the larger product manufacturers and suppliers also provide services. Some, such as communication aids suppliers will offer a free assessment and/or training prior to purchase. Please refer to the company listings in the AT Products and Suppliers section to identify these service providers. 

A small number of private therapists and assistive technology practitioners provide independent specialist services across the areas of education, health, and care. They are often regionally based and offer a range of assistive technology related services from consultancy and individual services to running a small business.  They can be from a variety of backgrounds, such as education, offering DSA needs assessment services and AT training, or Occupational Therapy, offering OT consultancy and AT services.

When looking for a private sector service it is advisable to check the service provider or supplier has the appropriate professional knowledge and service offering, especially if the service user has complex needs.


Adapt-IT is a service and equipment provider of assistive technology and computer aids, both hardware and software, to the disabled community. Their services include; Assessments, AT advice, equipment supply and installation, and training to help disabled users or users with special needs.


iansyst has many years of experience in assistive technology and disability services. They provide assistive technology solutions, consultancy, and training to individuals, educational institutes, and commercial organisations.


Integrated Treatment Services
ITS is a provider of therapy services with highly skilled therapists. They are skilled in evaluating a client’s needs and working with multi professional colleagues in identifying goals and solutions.


Telecare Consulting
Mike Orton offers Telecare and Telehealth consulting services to statutory, charity and private sectors.

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